Pro Winter Glue, dry time 0.5 sec. 5ml
      Pro Winter Glue, dry time 0.5 sec. 5ml
      Pro Winter Glue, dry time 0.5 sec. 5ml
      Pro Winter Glue, dry time 0.5 sec. 5ml
      Pro Winter Glue, dry time 0.5 sec. 5ml
      Pro Winter Glue, dry time 0.5 sec. 5ml
      Pro Winter Glue, dry time 0.5 sec. 5ml Pro Winter Glue, dry time 0.5 sec. 5ml Pro Winter Glue, dry time 0.5 sec. 5ml Pro Winter Glue, dry time 0.5 sec. 5ml

      Pro Winter Glue, dry time 0.5 sec. 5ml

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      Pro Winter Glue, dry time 0.5 sec. 5ml

      Pro Winter Glue, dry time 0.5 sec. 5ml

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      Retention : 60-90 days
      Temperature: 18-35 °C
      Humidity: 30-45%
      Only for volume tehnique
      Validity after opening: 30 days
      Unopened validity: 1 year from the date of manufacture
      Date of manufacture: 

      The adhesive is strong, and the vapor emissions are relatively normal.
      If you find that the vapor emissions are too strong, we recommend purchasing Antiallergic Gel and placing it open near the adhesive beads to absorb all emissions.

      Pink Lashes Orzelowska has brought 4 new adhesives for eyelash extensions dedicated to winter, created for every need, from beginner to advanced, from low humidity to high humidity.

      We made sure that these special adhesives have as much information as possible written on the back of the bottle, to be easily accessible and easy to understand. This way you can choose which is the most suitable adhesive for your needs.
      So you will find on the label the date of validity, the right humidity and temperature, details that you will not find in any other brand. We made sure that there will be pictures of the label on the website, so that you have all the data to make the right decision.

      It is very difficult to choose the right adhesive, isn't it?

      We help you, of course, don't forget that our motto is that your success is our success! You probably already learned from the pictures that the adhesives have a drying speed of: 2sec, 1sec, 0.5sec and 0.3sec. But which one is yours?

      First of all, you should know that the speed on the package is the average measured at 55% humidity.
      If you have higher humidity then the glue will dry faster. In the winter season, due to the heat of the radiators, the humidity is low, even up to 35%, and as a result the eyelashes do not stick together.

      We have 2 options to be successful in winter:

      • We change the adhesive with a faster one
      • Use Super Bonder to speed up. We have bonder that accelerates by one second (Ibeauty standard), 2sec (Ibeauty V2) and 3 sec (Coco)

      Which one to choose? In winter I recommend the strongest 2 or 3 sec. But be careful that if you have fast glue, and in addition speed up drying with strong bonder, you can make the glue dry immediately until it sticks well to the natural eyelash and as a result, the eyelash extensions will fall off. Especially if you work with 1D or pre-made lashes, I recommend you to buy a weaker bonder, Ibeauty Super Bonder Standard, or iBeauty Super Bonder V 2.

      COCO Super Bonder is more suitable for mega volume, when you do it yourself. As always I try to help you, to minimize the risk.

      The Beginner glue dries in 2 seconds: I recommend it when you are at the beginning of course, usually new stylists appreciate the slower glue only after they see that the eyelashes cannot resist with a fast one. You can use it at any volume, and if you want to speed up drying, I recommend the standard Super Bonder iBeauty (link). It is just as good for summer, but in summer we bring summer adhesives. Don't stress, I got ur back;)

      The Standard adhesive dries in 1 second: you use it when the humidity is slightly below 55%, you work with eyelashes up to 3D or pre-made. It is an adhesive with only a faster drying level and is the next level after Beginner. It is the safe glue that goes very well with iBeauty standard Super Bonder in case you want to increase the work speed.

      PRO adhesive with 0.5 second drying time: it is for those who have humidity around 40-45%, and those who make bigger volume from 3D-6D. If you want to speed up the drying speed, you can also use Super Bonder on the false eyelashes with a drying speed of 1, 2 or 3 seconds. It depends on how much you need. You can apply Super Bonder once every half hour, or once an hour. Fixed when it seems to you that the glue doesn't stick as fast anymore.

      Express adhesive with 0.3 second drying: it is for those who have humidity below 40% or work with large volume that they do themselves, such as 6D-9D-12D directly from the tape or by hand. Only great professionals who work really fast can use Super Bonder, because they can understand the working conditions and what they actually need.

      We want to know your opinion, because we want to have only the best products. If you have already used one of these glues, maybe find a minute to write directly to me, Monika Orzelowska, on Messenger, your opinion. It is very helpful, together we create quality! link':

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      Raport calitate pret!
      Rezistenta minim o luna, uscare rapida . Recomand cu incredere!

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