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LASH SHAMPOO CONCENTRATE, Spuma Concentrata Pentru Extensii Gene, Trandafir, Plic 5 Ml
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Monika orzełowskaMonika orzełowska

Monika Orzelowska

About. Life. Business

Monika Orzelowska is a young entrepreneur from Poland who, although had every reason to give up, did not give up and became the largest distributor of eyelash extensions and accessories in Romania. In this article you will find out more about her life, with good and bad, the way she changed 3 countries until she got on the lips of many make-up and eyelash artists, what she likes and how she motivates herself to move on. We are glad that you are here to find out about the one who helped a lot of women to rise up in the field of eyelash extensions, to become independent and to make their own money.

Everything I do, I do by intuition and I would rather regret having done something than live with the regret that I did not have the courage to do it.”