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Why become an affiliated BRAND AMBASSADOR for Pink Lashes?

Exceptional Products: Discover the widest range of products on the eyelash extensions market of the highest quality, created to emphasize and highlight the natural beauty of every woman.

Attractive Commissions: Benefit from generous commissions for each sale generated through affiliate links. 10% (without VAT) always for you and 10% for your customers' first order, to quickly convince them to create an account and place their first order. Immediately after placement, the customer will generate income for you in the form of vouchers with each order, for a period of 1 year.

How does it work?

1. Create an account: If you don't already have an account on pinklashes.ro, you need to create one. It takes less than 1 minute. Click here.

2. Registration: Fill out our simple registration form to become a member of the Pink Lashes affiliate program.

3. Getting Links: After approval, find your personalized link in your account HERE. Give this link to potential customers; if you don't give this personalized link containing your code, you won't receive the 10%.

4. Revenue Generation: Promote Pink Lashes products on social media platforms and earn 10% (without VAT) in the form of a voucher for each purchase made through affiliate links.

5. Monitoring and Payments: Track your performance in real-time, directly from your client account. You will see which customers placed orders, on what date, for what value, and how much you earned. You will also see the total earned from all customer orders.

6. Payout: In the moment you wish to withdraw the money, you press the withdrawal button. We verify if all orders are made by real customers, new customers, and if all orders have reached the recipient. You receive confirmation via email and will be contacted to confirm that you want the money through a voucher, which you can use to purchase products on the website.

Start today! Join our affiliate program and share your passion for Pink Lashes false eyelashes with your audience. Get exclusive benefits and build a successful collaboration with Pink Lashes. Register now and turn every click into a unique beauty experience! For any questions or assistance, feel free to contact us on Whatsapp: CLICK HERE!

Terms and conditions:

1. The affiliate program is valid for 1 year from the registration moment.

2. You receive 10% (without VAT) from each order of customers under your account.

3. Your customers automatically receive 10% on their first order on the site.

4. Customers who remain under your account for 1 year are customers who have placed at least one order by entering the site through your personalized link, which you can find in your affiliate account.

5. The program is intended for everyone, including those who wish to become a PINK LASHES BRAND AMBASSADOR, and who want to earn money in the form of vouchers by recommending products for eyelash extensions.

6. The affiliate program is intended for potential NEW CUSTOMERS, meaning it applies only to people who have never placed an order on the site and are not registered on the site.

7. In case the account already existed, or a fake account was created by the customer, orders of this kind will not be considered.

8. All orders will be verified if they are made by new customers before Payout.

9. New customer: a customer who does not have data registered in our database on the www.pinklashes.ro site, a new name, a new address, a new phone number.

10. All orders from customers under your account are visible on the platform when you enter your account in the Affiliate category.

11. Whenever you want, you can request a payout, meaning the receipt of the collected funds in the form of a voucher, which you can use if you wish to place an order on the website (the voucher is automatically visible at checkout).

12. Even if you no longer activate and your customers from the platform's database still place orders with us, you receive a commission every time! Remember, they will always be your customers! Don't forget to give the correct link with your code. If you simply recommend the site without the hidden code in the link, the customer will not be under your account!

What we recommend to increase your sales?

• Have a respectable online presence
• Have active followers on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok)
• The content you create should align with the direction of the Pink Lashes brand (international deliveries, all eyelash products in one place, transparency, premium products, etc.)
• Include in your Instagram and Facebook bio – PARTNER/COLLABORATOR Pink Lashes
• Include our hashtags in your posts
• Be a voice in the eyelash industry, encouraging and promoting our brand, for example: join eyelash extension groups and carefully recommend our products (after learning about the products and their uses)
• Build a community of eyelash enthusiasts that you keep updated and informed about our products and activities (through shares, reposts, updates)
• Maintain a close connection with us and everything happening at Pink Lashes
• Use all our promotional materials, posts, stories, banners

You will be part of a united and strong community, where all eyelash lovers support each other, exchange opinions, advice, and impressions about eyelash extensions and more! For any questions or proposals, we are at your disposal on Whatsapp: CLICK HERE!

Thank you for choosing Pink Lashes!


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