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How to reach a monthly profit of 7000 euros as a Lash Artist

How to reach a monthly profit of 7000 euros as a Lash Artist

I promised to write about how I managed to reach a monthly profit of 7,000 euros from applying eyelash extensions, so you can read below what steps are needed to be successful in this career!

I learned over time that I can make a lot of money, I didn't start on this path with an obsession to be rich. All I wanted was to do this job as well as possible, on a professional level and I allocated a lot of time and I had a lot of ambition. The rest came naturally. In the following lines I will tell you how I made this money. All indications are clear, transparent and will give all the details with which I was successful.

The important thing is that I was able to make more than 35,000 lei. While I applied eyelashes, before I built the Orzelowska Beauty brand and had this online store, I had a 4-year-old child and I was a single mother, time did not allow me for more. If you do not have children and if you try to sacrifice your private life for a period of 1-3 years, to establish your future, I really recommend you to work hard and smart.

After these 1-3 years, with the money that you've gained, you will be able to buy both the house and the car of your dreams (but these are passive and will not help you make money further, you just keep blocking the money. I recommend you to invest in assets first, a safer business that you should start after a period of applying eyelash extensions. Investing in an asset means something that brings you money constantly, what will work without you, when you will be on the beach or you'll go on vacation whenever you want. That way, when you sleep, you'll still make money, because your business will run at any time of the day or night. This is a real business. It's important to keep in mind that you may not be able to apply eyelashes in a few years from now. Maybe you're allergic to glue. Maybe you just want to do something else, which will make you earn even more, as I invested in the clinic(easy money and less work because they work appliances in my place mostly).

So, let's move on.

To make more money from applying eyelash extensions, you need:

1. Customers who want to pay more
2. Knowledge of fast volume techniques and knowledge for the application of various curls depending on the shape of the eyes, the shape of the face

3. Assistant who takes care of the client

4. Be the " best friend"  for your client

5. Emergency scheduling

6. Uniqueness

7. SMS before and after scheduling

8. Our client, our master

9. Speed

10. Online presence

11. Behave with the client nicely regardless of the situation

12. Secure your work. The statement on one's own responsibility must not be missing

And now we will explain each topic separately:

1. Customers who want to pay more

Who wants to pay more? The clientele in the city of course. Whether the city is big or small, women with money are everywhere. You have to know how to attract them, after that the client recommends you to a friend and in the same way you will only have a client with money, from the same circle from which you receive recommendations. It's not easy, it takes time but it can be done.

Let me tell you a story about Roxana, Sandra and Marilena

- Sandra is a person who is organized, is stable at work, can go to college, has a planned future, reads books and watches soap operas. She wants affordable eyelashes for her. And look for a salon where eyelashes are applied ok and they look ok in pictures. He also has a puppy. And he wants me to schedule genes.

- Roxana is the person where her life is insta story, she goes out with friends until late at night, events, Solar, has an expensive phone, and is in love with money. He wants wow eyelashes even if it costs more. When Roxana sees the higher prices, she thinks that the service is better, until she wants that, super eyelashes! She wants to come to a stylist she can be proud of and praise this stylist to her friends, in the end she goes to the eyelashes to the coolest technician. Roxana doesn't go to anyone! Roxana wants prestige! An arranged, beautiful and best place with a wall background for selfie! Roxana has a puppy just like Sandra has. And he still wants me to schedule genes.

What happens when both girls have the period when the puppy needs money because he got sick and they run out of money?
What face is Sandra? Sandra says that the puppy is more important and cancels the eyelash programming until the next thing that changes the eyelashes in her life. Make an appointment after he has money.
What is Roxana doing?
Roxana never leaves the house without eyelashes, so anything can happen, she comes to eyelashes. Put on your glasses and get in the taxi like a bat, but come on! she takes money from her boyfriend, mother, girlfriend, does whatever she has for her puppy but also for her eyelashes!

Now think:

What kind of customer do you want to have?
Who do you attract?
What kind of person is your salon ready for?

Who do your prices attract?


- There is also Marilena, no, I didn't forget about her ...

Marilena is a worker, has a small company,has a child and a family. She generally never has time. But of course she has to look good and presentable and she hasmoney. He just doesn't have time. Marilena will apply directly to emergency appointments because that's the only way she can have eyelashes at the last minute. Marilena doesn't have time to look for a stylist on the hashtags on instagram. Type keywords in google. "I'm looking for lashes today," programming today”, “ Eyelash extensions In Sibiu”, :fast appointment”.

AND now think about it. Does she can find you?

Do you have a google profile with these keywords? Do you have the price list on the menu and in the pictures, do you notice that you make emergency appointments more expensive-  300-350 lei?

Do you offer emergency appointments? or do you not want to earn more? Marilena comes from google searches, or from recommendations. And after that, she will recommend you to her friends who have money but don't have time.

Think about how to attract customers with money.


2. Knowledge of fast volume techniques and knowledge for applying various curves depending on the shape of the eyes, the shape of the face


Nobody has time, all clients would want lashes applied as soon as possible. If you are slow, don't expect to have clients with money. Go to classes, first you have to invest money in this field and only then you can make money. That's life. Investing in yourself in the first place!

Customers have no time to waste. If the client comes to you and says she wants X lashes, let's say C 0. 05, you must have these kind of lashes! there is no not having. If she wants brown eyelashes, you have to have brown eyelashes. If she wants blue, you have 3 shades of blue on the table. Give the client a reason to praise you, my friend, it's pure marketing! You are not a professional if you don't have L lash extensions that she asks for, showing you the picture on the internet and you know that they are L curl. You do your best to tell your friend like this: I have any KIND OF EYELASHES you want. "


3. Assistant who will take care of the clients:

-  responds to appointments messages

-  sends sms before and sms after application

-  prepares the client when she comes ( remove old lashes and clean the eyes, apply gel-pads) , then you will apply in an hour and don't waste time. You can pay a salary of 3000 lei to the assistant and the calculation will come out, don't be afraid to take this step to hire the assistant! If you already have 4 clients a day, it means that it is already time to take the next step, that is, to receive 2 more clients, because you will gain more time.


4. Be the "best friend" of your client !!!

A fiend does not judge.

Let's tell a story to understand what your girlfriend means.

Keep in mind that you are interested in making a profit, that you have clients who want to pay more. It has to be the way she wants it. We do not judge, we respect her decisions no matter what they are. We are not teachers. I had a client who said she left her puppy in the woods because she didn't want to stay with him anymore. And what can I say? Can I sayv " I wouldn't do such a thing, Poor puppy? Lack of responsibility." Leave that! The client didn't tell you about the puppy to judge her. Show how frivolous she is. She seeks understanding and acceptance. If she receives from you, you will become her best friend, she will always come back, even if she will not like her eyelashes at some point, she will still come back to you because she has found understanding and you are helpful. You can answer diplomatically: "Surely you had a reason. I understand you, the puppy will handle it." Do you understand what I want to say? YOU HAVE TO MAKE THE CUSTOMERS COME TO YOU. You have to be her best friend. You have to listen. Don't talk. You have to be positive and elegant regardless of the situation. Let the client come to you because she feels very good at your place. Small mistakes she will forgive you. I had clients who didn't like the lashes at all because they tried something new, or they were the first time at my place and didn't choose the lashes well, maybe they wanted lashes that were too long or too short but they still came back. Because we built a strong and welcoming relationship from the beginning.


5. Emergency scheduling

They are the most winning. You do the same time but you earn double, or more simply, say 100 lei extra. As you wish.

THE PEOPLE THAT HAS MONEY DOES NOT HAVE TIME. This kind of women wants lashes today, tomorrow, there are really some who want at 10 pm - extremely, you do if you want, you win better, you see what your priorities are.

Women who have money are busy making money. There is a lack of time, a lack of organization, these women are everywhere, small towns, big towns, doesn't matter. You have to give info everywhere that you make emergency eyelashes. Google, Facebook, Instagram, on pictures, on hashtags, by keywords, on the price list. On the wall, everywhere. Until you only have emergency appointments. I mean the same number of clients but you make double money.

Once the client comes to the emergency appointment, there is an 80% chance that it will stay that way, only with emergency appointments, I know that it was like that for me. They felt comfortable making appointments for today or tomorrow. It is important for you to always have room for emergency appointments. You can put 3 normal appointments and keep one emergency place, then 2 normal and one emergency place, followed by one normal and 3 emergency places. You will see how the number of emergency customers increases. Give the chance to find that type of women, who have money and do not have time.

6. Uniqueness

The client is looking for something special. If you have nothing special, why would she return to you? Why pay more. Give her reasons to want to pay more. Think what you can't find elsewhere and find it at you. Maybe a printed catalog with all the different eye shapes and applied eyelashes to be able to visualize what it will look like. Maybe with different types of faces. Maybe profile on instagram with colored eyelashes. Maybe a massage bed or a massage mattress. Maybe meditation music. Maybe an aroma to feel like at the spa. Maybe a luxury blanket. And definitely another thing that I will say next. Think for yourself what you would like when you come to the appointment. For example, my clients said: for me it's special that instead of the band on the lower lashes I always have gelpads and they feel that I'm not looking at the price but at the quality. As gelpads of course they are more expensive but also more comfortable for the client. Like me, the bed has 4 sections and the client keeps her legs higher and is more comfortable. I'm not saying how they commented on the massage mattress I brought from Poland.

Customers who leave more money want to receive a little more.
Think of a refrigerator for juices, with clear glass, keep there water, Cola, Redbull, cold coffee,
How nice it is to receive a refreshing bottle so simply when you say "hello". Give reasons for the client to feel premium and leave premium money;)
It is best to write on the refrigerator that it is a drink for customers, some are ashamed to ask. It will be easier when you are invited to take something from there.

It's such an important thing, so important that I write with Bold! Send SMS! no whatsapp, no messenger, SMS to be!
Appointments can be made on whatsapp, but I recommend that the data be sent via SMS.

- SMS one day before the appointment: "Hello, you have an appointment for eyelashes tomorrow at 14:00, please confirm if you can arrive, without confirmation or delay the appointment is automatically canceled.
You can find the address and the price list on the link. "

- SMS after: Today D 0.05 lashes were applied 8,9,9,10,11,12,13,12,11 - always 9 digits / numbers. If the client wants to change something, you will know what you can change. Always 9 lines on gelpads. One in the middle and 4 on the sides. So today 0.05 D lashes were applied. The client next time asks to be straighter inside the eye. And, when the client comes back, you can check the last conversation, and you will know what was applied and you'll know what to change. The client is satisfied that we keep the database and can always change what she wants on the eyelashes and even if she wants to have a model that she had last year in December, due to the fact that we have the conversation via SMS.
The client appreciates the involvement, and if she wants to have the database she can check every time absolutely everything that was previously applied, she wants to feel like a designer, you just apply what she wants. She  knows that if he goes to another stylist, she/he will not do the same and probably does not keep the database. And every time she returns to the salon, she won't know what she had applied to her eyes.

8. Our client, our master

The client wants to be the designer of her eyes! She is confident that you apply her premium lashes , and she wants the certainty that next month her lashes will be just as flawless.
Does she want long, horrible eyelashes? her business, she wears it, she pays, she has to be satisfied. It is important for you to make the client feel good in her skin, even if you think it's not nice. Of course, you gently tell her your opinion about the visual effect and health, but the decision belongs to the client. Don't judge her decisions. You are the person who makes her feel more beautiful. When you go to the nails, you don't care what the stylist thinks, you want a model or a lenght and that's it. It's not like that? First of all, think about what the client wants and to have a constant relationship so that she can trust you and have a good collaboration for a long period of time.

Never make the client feel ignored, respond to every message, make the rules as clear as possible, set prices, a statement to sign at the first application. You can make paypal or revolut account to be able to make fast transfers to the client, instead of paying with cash. Wealthy customers usually have money in their bank account, on their card, not cash. You can download the Uber application to be able to order a taxi (with cash payment of course), you have refreshing juices. There should be no situation that you do not have eyelashes or do not know how to do. Go to classes. Do you want to apologize? if you do everything I tell you at the presentation, you will have dependent clients who will only want to come to you. I know I've lived like this for a few years. I made 35,000 ron  per month.

You can't make many clients if you don't have speed, if you don't work fast.
I made 120-130 clients per month, each client stayed a little more than an hour and each paid between 240-350 lei.
Customers want fast and premium, right? Offer this, because you can!
You are not allowed to do things that make you be slower, such as talk to the client too much, to talk on the phone - this is a total lack of respect. FOCUS on work. Learn to be productive.

10. Presence in the online environment

Be different online, life is different in reality than online. In reality you are someone and online you are someone else. Until the client knows you, you have to show on social media that you deserve to have clients. You have to get attention. The high price already attracts attention and makes natural selection.
Example of how you can be different: Have a profile full of colored eyelashes.Eyeliner effect, L curl lashes, and some standard lashes. It's the same as nails. You choose the stylist who has a profile full of pictures with fantastic nails, with wow models, long and short, all of them, from the pictures you realize that she knows how to make absolutely any model, and when you get to the appointment you want simple and short nails. The same is  for eyelashes.Social media attracts people and most customers will want something standard anyway when they reach you.

11. Behave nicely with the client regardless of the situation
- Did you apply eyelashes and the client says they are too long? Instead of saying that this is how she chose , you can say that you take them off and replace them with a larger size, in order to be mentally satisfied! the client will feel better even if you don't change much, she won't make a fuss, go for kindness, now we know what the client wants and we will know exactly what she needs, and next time we will do exactly what she wants.

- What if she says her eyelashes fell out and it's only been a week? Don't look for reasons to tell her why they fell, you may never find out the real reason. The client is not interested in anything more than to have the situation resolved, to come up with a solution. You can say " come and I will apply  again what has fallen", after you apply a few you will see the satisfied customer, you will give her kindness and she will see that you wish her well and that in the first place she is the client, it is not you or your time. Don't be selfish, it's the worst thing to be negative, ignorant, the client needs a good relationship with you and to support her to the end, a professional relationship as good as possible.

- The client cancels the appointment, this should make you happy, you have time for yourself, that you can reply to messages, that you can edit pictures, that you can clean your workspace, you can rest, you can eat quietly. You can do so many things in your spare time. If you don't want to, call the client you have on the waiting list. With this client who canceled the appointment, you can say - (only if it's true, of course) that you have the next spot in 4 weeks. Or make emergency appointments according to your normal work schedule. You always say: "Thank you for letting me know, I'll know how to organize myself", instead of saying: " you messed me up!It's not ok!" It's not like that! You just show how frustrated you are. Why should this client make an appointment with you again? Be empathetic, anyone can have a reason to cancel the appointment, it is not your job to know this reason. In the future this relationship will bring you more stable clients who are dependent on you and want to leave as much money as you ask. You need to know what to do, to play the role of your best friend.

- If the client: delays more - Close the door, go to eat something, for a walk, etc. Learn to be respected, if you do not respect yourself the client will not respect you, the rule is that you can delay a maximum of 15 minutes, if you do not arrive on time the appointment will be canceled automatically, so the client signed the statement, so she knows. The surprise will not be for her. You have the rules already written. You will see that at first the client may be upset but later she will think that you are serious with everyone, that it will not be the situation that she will not be received on time, because a client who had an appointment before her was late. Learn to have clients who respect you, first you respect yourself. The frivolous ones must disappear from your agenda.

It doesn't help you at all if you just don't love your clients. You have to love yourself, you have to sell your business. Sell love. SHOW RESPECT.
It was easy for me, I admit. 

My clients taught me to speak Romanian, I learned the Romanian mentality, they translated for me, they searched for information on the internet for me. They helped me with absolutely everything I needed. How can I not love them, I can't wait for them to come to me again.


12. Secure your work. The statement on one's own responsibility must not be missing
  The statement helps you and the client to have the rules set. Respect and organization. I do not imagine that this statement does not exist. Below you have the model I worked on, I recommend you to print many copies and organize them in a file.


Signed ................................................. .......................
                              As a customer, I declare the following:
1. The client declares that she is healthy, especially that she does not suffer from eye diseases
(eg does not have a nervous tic to blink continuously, etc.) and does not currently perform hormonal treatments;
2. The client declares that she is not afraid of the dark and that she does not suffer from any ailments spine (eyelash application time is at least 2 hours in position of lying down);
3. The client has to choose the method, thickness and length of the lashes with or
without the help of the eyelash stylist. After application, the client has the obligation to
check the eyelashes and if she wants small retouches to express her desire ONLY 
during her appointment. If in the end the client is not satisfied with the chosen extensions
, they are taken down and the amount paid will be half the price
initially (the amount represents the value of the products and is valid only at the first deviation)
4. The client declares that she is informed from the beginning about the price of the service
5. The client declares that she is informed about the recommended treatment after
application of eyelash extensions (eyelashes can be affected by sauna, treatments
facial, tears and excessive make-up, etc.);
6. In 24 HOURS after application, allergies may occur (itchy eyes, redness and
tear). These last a maximum of 3 or 4 days and the client must use
cream or take allergy pills and drink plenty of calcium water;
7. The client declares that she has been notified that any rescheduling is done with
at least ____ days / weeks in advance (to make sure it will be scheduled at your preferred date and time); Emergency scheduling costs ___ron.

Customer signature
                                                                                                Date of first application

Finally, to earn more you need to know:

- How to apply any model of eyelashes on each type of eye

- How to work with colored eyelashes in case a client asks

- How to make the client sleep - this is how you work easier 

- How to make the client dependent on you

- How to know how to present yourself elegantly (not with house clothes) 

- To know how to make volume

- Know how to make a portfolio of applied eyelashes and show models when the client comes

- To know how to conquer the client, to become best friends during an appointment

- To know what your clients wants, to listen to them

- Know what speed means

- To be present in the online environment

I hope my information will help you. Good luck!

Monika Orzelowska

PS: Write me below if the information was useful to you and what other topics you would like to find on my blog!

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