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Why short eyelashes are now in fashion

Why short eyelashes are now in fashion

Usually when we talk about eyelash extensions, girls try to apply the longest and most curved eyelashes. That's how it happens in the beginning, in every country. Thus, short eyelash extensions do not even exist in countries where applications are just beginning.
That's how it was in Romania too!

Most of the women chose the long extensions, as curved as possible, which stand out a lot. Fortunately, this did not last very long, around 5 years. Some might say that it is a lot, but fashion changes over long periods. In Poland, for example, this has already happened. Now girls are looking for short and voluminous eyelashes and less for long and sparse ones.

Short eyelashes are more sought after by people who don't want to stand out too much, they are very similar to natural ones.
For this reason I think that short eyelashes are the most important!

Monika Orzelowska

Who are short lashes for?
For novice stylists, I recommend using short lashes because the work comes straight from the first application.


• increased resistance due to reduced weight
• you can't apply too few short lashes because the gaps are not visible
• looks good on any type of eyes (small, large, round, close-set, far-set eyes, etc.), so,
• you can't spoil the shape (fallen outer corner, asymmetric inner corner, etc.) you can more easily test different application models (cat-eye, round effect, butterfly, etc.)
• easy to correct in case of a mistake

Blonde girls with a delicate face

When it comes to blonde ladies or those with a delicate face, we know that long eyelashes don't look good. You have tried and noticed too much difference between the eyelashes and the rest of the face, that's why short eyelashes are perfect for girls with light hair or very fine features.

Make-up artists

Whether you work in the field or want a more natural, but also different look, short eyelashes are for those who have a more artistic nature. The good news for make-up artists is that they can create different looks by combining different shades from pastel to neon, for various events, from festivals to social events. You can create a presentation catalog with your creations that includes all eyelash extensions, so that your clients can be inspired.

People who work from the office

As a rule, ladies who work in a more conservative environment want a classic look that highlights their features, without attracting too much attention. They will give them a wonderful, classic and clean look without much effort.
If you have this kind of client, recommend short eyelashes! You will definitely love them! LOOK WOW!
Whether you work in the field or want a more natural but also different look, short eyelashes can be for those who have a more artistic nature.

Colored eyelashes can be perfectly combined with long ones.

For example, you can make the following combination, which I consider very good: Longer black and shorter colored eyelashes. You can use the colors black and brown, if you don't want to stand out very much.
Shorter black eyelashes and longer colored eyelashes for a more pronounced effect, but which looks very good

It is not necessary to be very brave to wear colored eyelashes!

The benefits of applying short lashes:
• It looks natural
• High volume effect without exaggeration
• Eyeliner effect
• Suitable for office work
• It lasts longer due to the reduced weight
• It does not require brushing very often.
• For an easier life!

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