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When should we use brown lashes?

When should we use brown lashes?

When to Use Brown Eyelashes?

Is your client asking for something "more interesting and unusual," or do you just want to spice up your price list a bit? Brown eyelashes are a perfect choice for those clients who are not brave enough to get colored or ombre lash extensions, but are tired of the traditional set of black lashes.

A little trick on how to check if your client would like the idea of brown lashes:
If she chooses the first option, she might prefer a traditional set of black lashes because it will make her eyes look more dramatic.

But if she is not a fan of a more intense look, it's the perfect time to offer a set of brown lashes!

Try the Nagaraku Dark Brown!

Advantages of Brown Eyelashes:

Without a doubt, naturalness is now the main trend in the entire beauty sphere, so the eyelash industry must follow the rules to keep up.

An important advantage of brown lashes compared to the classic black ones is the less visible color contrast with natural lashes as they grow, which allows clients to extend the life of their lash set a bit. (Yet another great reason to offer brown lashes!)

Different Variants of Brown Eyelashes

You can try both the one-by-one lashes, such as those from iBeauty, and the 2DYY Nagaraku, which are highly appreciated by our clients. Being pre-made, they significantly reduce your working time.

Who Looks Good with Brown Eyelashes?

Brown lashes suit almost any type of client, but blonde ladies are truly the best candidates for this color, as brown lashes do not create as strong a contrast with the natural color of the lashes as traditional black extensions do.

Additionally, brown lashes look extremely good on clients with green or brown eyes. For girls with brown eyes, you should use eyelash extensions that are 1-2 shades darker than their eye color to achieve an even more dramatic effect. If your client is a redhead, offer her dark brown or ombre lashes! For volume, we recommend the Ombre Blossom lashes!

The Best Option for the Older Generation

We all know that natural lashes lose their elasticity, become thinner and more fragile over time. Often, we can see clients over the age of 50 with few lashes and even some gaps.

When a client has very few natural lashes left, black lash extensions can make those gaps even more visible, making brown lashes an excellent option for older clients! On pinklashes.ro, you can find all the solutions for your clients' needs.

A wide variety of brown lashes await you on the site. The Nagaraku lash extensions are one of the most beloved brands, so we strongly recommend trying them!

What Adhesive to Use with Brown Eyelashes?

To achieve the most natural effect, we recommend using a transparent eyelash adhesive. It does not contain black pigment, so the adhesive will be invisible on the client's brown lashes!

We also recommend using a transparent adhesive when working with colored or ombre lash extensions.

The Pinky glue is an excellent option.

Makeup Recommendations for Clients with Brown Eyelash Extensions

If you want your client to fully enjoy her beautiful set of brown lashes, offer her some makeup tips:

• Golden or bronze eyeshadow shades look great combined with brown lashes
• Brown lashes perfectly match cosmetics in nude shades
• When using eyeshadows, try to prioritize matte shades in tones of dark or light green, similar to malachite stone (as seen in the image on the left)
• For a more natural look, use shades of beige or brown

We hope our tips have been helpful and that you will have a set of brown lashes in your salon to impress your clients!

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