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Fall trends for eyelash extensions

Fall trends for eyelash extensions

If you've made it here, you're most likely looking for inspiration for the next looks your clients can proudly wear anywhere this autumn.

With fall just around the corner, all we can tell you is that this season, bold, colorful lashes are in style, as are feline-inspired looks, particularly the M and L curves.

What do we recommend to clients when they want to step out of the ordinary?


When it comes to bold lashes, we think of one thing: COLORS. The brighter, the better, and this autumn in our eyes can be exemplified by a gorgeous box of multi-colored lashes.

These lash extensions are a unique way to make your clients' eyes brighter and more attractive.

Plus, they go wonderfully with green eyes. Don't they?

But what do we do if we have clients who say NO to colored lashes but still want a splash of color?


It's important to maintain a chromatic balance and, at the same time, add subtle contrast to create elegant autumn looks.

A little orange never hurt anyone, but sure, it caught many glances.

You can find these lash extensions right here. They match any hair color and complement it very well.

As I mentioned above, this autumn, special curves, M and L, are in trend, and we can create dramatic effects with them.


As I mentioned above, this autumn, special curves, M and L, are in trend, and we can create dramatic effects with them.

One of these effects is called "Wispy," based on abundant and fluffy lengths. We characterize them more by the natural variation in lash length. Some people also call them Kim K. lashes because the beauty icon popularized this style, which still remains one of the most worn lashes.

You can achieve this look with our spike extensions. One box contains around 160 lashes and can be used for approximately 15 clients. Psst, they're on sale!

Of course, trends or not, the technician must also consider the eye shape and the natural lash curve. In other words, even if it's "in fashion," we can't apply a certain effect if it doesn't suit the client. Furthermore, we need to consider the clients' style preferences; some want more subtle looks, while others prefer something more eccentric. Somewhere in between subtle and eccentric are brown lashes. They don't stand out too much, but the final look is sensational.


One thing is for sure. Brown lashes are suitable for people with fair or normal skin who are hesitant to try something NEW.

If you also want to create such a look, we recommend IBeauty lashes in L or M curves.

If you desire C or D curves, we have a great deal on Butterfly lashes (which are very similar to Nagaraku lashes). You can find them on our website for just 10 ron.

What's your opinion? Which of these four looks caught your eye, and which ones would you recommend to your clients?


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