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About Monika Orzelowska - Life | Business

 About Monika Orzelowska - Life | Business






Monika Orzelowska

About. Life. Business

Monika Orzelowska is a young entrepreneur from Poland who, although had every reason to give up, did not give up and became the largest distributor of eyelash extensions and accessories in Romania. In this article you will find out more about her life, with good and bad, the way she changed 3 countries until she got on the lips of many make-up and eyelash artists, what she likes and how she motivates herself to move on. We are glad that you are here to find out about the one who helped a lot of women to rise up in the field of eyelash extensions, to become independent and to make their own money.

“Everything I do, I do by intuition and I would rather regret having done something than live with the regret that I did not have the courage to do it.”


Date of birth: May 12, 1987 Place of birth: Poland Age: 34 years Height: 166 cm Natural hair: light blond Mood: depends on the day and the people she interacts with. Artistic nature that sees art, feels how beautiful it is and can create in turn. She starts the day with a coffee or only when she feels effective. She maintains good relations with people and avoids conflicts as much as possible, but if she gets there it surly means war. Most likely the person involved will not realize it at first. She likes comfort and often says that's what she works for.

She appreciates loneliness more than contact with the wrong people. Very stable, loves peace and is a very frank person. Monika can quickly adapt to a new environment, this flexibility being one of the qualities of her character that made Orzelowska Beauty business possible. She is an optimistic person who sees opportunities everywhere, very exposed to compromises as she often accepts thinks that makes the other happy. She works hard because he wants not to waste time and she tries to make sense of every free moment in the best possible way. For Monika it is very important to exceed her limits, she is constantly checking herself and hence the financial success, even if the goal is not money. If something costs you peace of mind, it's too expensive.

When she's not working

When she has some spare time, Monika reads personal development books and plans to implement them. She does not like to go at the gym, on the bike or other sports that require effort and discipline. As favorite sports she likes: Horseback riding, because once on horseback, all you need is the right position and muscle to hold on tight. Snowboarding because the board goes on its own so you'd better use your body, your muscles to move on. Hiking in the mountains It would be strange to return once you leave with the group, so somehow again you are obliged to make an effort and continue what you set out to do. These are the sports she practices, forced more, because she doesn't have enough willpower, she says, although she runs several businesses and is also a mother.

The goal is Victor

Victor is the son of Monika Orzelowska, a very smart child who is currently exploring life to the fullest. Monika tells us that she works for him and that he is her most valuable investment. It gives her great pleasure to educate him, not to miss anything she missed as a child. Before the pandemic began, Victor went to private schools, including the British School in Bucharest. He learns English and programming at the Little Developer’s Academy where he made his first phone game. He likes to swim. “Cash-flow” is one of his favorite games where he learns about the money flow in society, something that will definitely help him in the future.

When she works

The money came when Monika did what she felt needed to be done. Intuition is the key, she says. She works hard because she doesn't want to waste her time trying to make the most of her free time. For Monika it is very important to exceed her limits, she is constantly checking herself and hence the financial success, even if the goal is not money.

A minus

“Sometimes I do something I don't have to do just not to stay only. I do things that I could delegate, for example. I don't like to stand still and not do something, but sometimes I don't prioritize things very well. Does it seem familiar to you?”

Memories of the past

Monika lived with her family in the country side, about 100 km from Warsaw. She had to move many times. She changed houses, changed schools and this was very unpleasant, but Monika adapted to the new normal and when her mother was left alone with 3 children she had to mature faster than the other girls and take over the family duties. She made her first money at the age of 13 from picking blueberries, mushrooms and chokeberry and continued to work in the village until she was 18 years old. She knows how to ride a tractor and do any ground work. She learned discipline and hard work from her father. She was the eldest of the sisters. Her mother could not help her with clothes and books. Monika had to work so that in September, when school began, she could have notebooks and books just like the rest of the children. That’s how she learned what hard work means, the importance of money and how well it should be spent. When she turned 18, she started going to post-secondary school, with an administrative profile, but also cosmetics, which she failed to finish due to some organizational problems of the school.

First job

At the age of 18, she got a job at a supermarket where she sold meat. She remembers that she had a boss who was always dissatisfied and was never appreciated by her, no matter how hard she tried. For a while she wondered if she was guilty or her boss, who seemed to never be happy. Before the end of the contract, she refused to work there anymore, the store remaining without a seller for a while. Then she realized how important the relationship between the boss and the employee was.

A new adventure

After this episode, Monika got a job at a factory where she put CDs in boxes, a tedious job so she decided to go to Switzerland. There she had to speak German, which she had learned in school and which she forgot in the meantime because she did not practice, as well as Russian. She understands both Russian and German, but she has certainly forgotten to speak. Practice helps!

Dominium Pizza Kfc McDonalds

Yes, yes, Monika Orzelowska worked at McDonalds for 4 years! There she had all the possible positions in a restaurant, from the one who took out the burgers, to the team leader and restaurant manager. As I said, Monika worked hard. After the job she had in the day time, there remained the rest of her time unoccupied properly, so every Friday and Saturday she worked in a club. There she was able to have a relaxing time at work. She met a lot of people and had fun. The money from McDonalds and the club was good. The good position at McDonalds gave her the chance to make a loan and so she bought a recreational land in Warsaw. Things did not stay that way for long and she started looking for a new job that would bring her more satisfaction and money, but she did not find it, so she chose a country where the climate is milder and the tourists are happy. That’s how she moved to Cyprus. 

In Cyprus she attended a series of specialization courses on eyelash extensions and nails, where she won many awards. After almost 2 years she moved to Austria where the mentality was totally different. Being difficult for her, she decided to set up a support group for Polish expats. It happened in 2013, and now it is the largest in Austria, helping hundreds of thousands of people.

a new life in Romania

“Something unpleasant happened, but at the same time I can't imagine it being any different. We initially came to Romania for only 5 months. I hadn't planned to stay here, much less without my husband, whom I broke up with shortly after we arrived in Romania. He left, and me and Victor, our 1-year-old child, staid alone.”

She stayed, because she got a very good job in a corporation, which she would not have received in other countries. Then she got used to the Romanian mentality, she learned Romanian by listening to the radio and asking people how to say the words. Monika currently speaks English, Polish and Romanian.

How she got into the eyelash extensions business

Working at the corporation, she quickly realized that she could not work and support a 1-year-old child at the same time. Because of this, she sought to work harder in addition to her job to earn money for the child’s nanny. She dreamed to work just for her. She applied eyelash extensions to her studio in Sebastian Park, Bucharest.

It happened in 2014

Even though she didn't know the Romanian language, she made an advert that she was making eyelash extensions and quite quickly she started to have a lot of clients. At the beginning she didn't know if the clients were coming because she was a foreigner or because she made very good eyelash extensions. It all happened very quickly. She used unused techniques for Romania, had much lower prices because the products she used were from Poland and were several times cheaper than in Romania. Under pressure from clients, Monika began teaching how to apply eyelashes. At first not very professional, but she did it more for the sake of the clients who constantly asked her. She remembers when she made the first biggest order of eyelashes from the money from the applications. 

She promised herself that if she would earn 7,000 lei / month from making eyelashes, then she would buy a special bag, which she really wanted. It was her first brand bag, from Michael Kors, Monika had about 120 clients per month, and her students about the same. The need for products was growing, but in Romania eyelash extensions and accessories were very expensive, only 3 companies were selling. In order to save money, she initially brought products from Poland, but also from Korea.

First order

She started ordering for her and her students, but she was out of luck because the extensions came completely different and the tweezers were very poor quality. Monika, however, did not stop and started investing in other products until she found good suppliers. Monika's first company bought it from a Romanian and unfortunately she had problems in accounting and was a VAT payer. She had an accountant who constantly asked for favors and that's how the company died. She decided to open the company in Poland, and for a while Orzelowska Beauty worked like that. Since then, Monika has opened 5 companies in 3 countries, including Romania.

After 2 years, Orzelowska Beauty was born in Romania

From posting on YOUTUBE Monika Orzelowska became a youtuber thanks to the girls who wanted to take classes from her and the pleasure she had of making educational videos to help. So, she gave the information for free, on YouTube, in Romanian language, which she had just learned mixed with English. That's how she became known. Since then, she has taught many courses in which she raised women in the field of eyelash extensions, to become independent, to make their own money. Monika's help has always been there for everybody that seek her help. Many people said that Monika has a charm that makes them spend time with her and that she smiles beautifully and openly. She never fooled a client, she offered quality and the client received more than would have expected to receive as many times as Monika had the possibility. Monika began to bring the most suitable eyelash extension products for this type of activity and even more, she began to create new products which were given to the manufacturing factories to produce them. Clients have always trusted her and her brand because they have never been disappointed. 

“Exceeding expectations I think is the most important thing that was noticed from the beginning of my business in Romania.” Monika Orzelowska is currently the largest distributor of eyelash extensions and accessories in Romania.

Orzelowska Beauty, just the beginning?

Monika knows that one business is never enough so she also took classes in cosmetics. Monika removes wrinkles, tattoos (100%), fixes the skin and scars, all with a warranty contract. She knows how to make more hair through pigmentation trio (scalp tattoo), but also treatments that give good results. Monika knows how important contact with clients is, because it brings her joy and meeting people give her the strength to move on. So don't hesitate to offer her a “like” on Facebook when you like something she posts. She will appreciate it!

Time will tell what Monika will do next!

Until then, go to www.pinklashes.ro and choose from the largest variety of eyelash extensions and accessories in Romania. Good luck, girls!

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