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What eyelash glue should we use during cold season?

What eyelash glue should we use during cold season?

What Adhesive Do We Use in Winter? Tips & Tricks for a Successful Application!

I often get this question, so I thought I'd give you some tips that will surely be useful.

In winter, we need to change to a fast-drying adhesive because of the air conditions that change with the heating being turned on. This dries the air, automatically reducing humidity.

If you feel that the lashes are not sticking, this is the reason.

What you should do in this situation:

1. Increase Humidity

Use a larger humidifier and turn it on an hour before you apply the lashes. If you don't have one, keep a smaller humidifier next to the bed (maximum 1m away from where you apply the lashes).

Place a wet towel on the radiator. Radiators emit heat, automatically drying the air.

Open the window regularly to change the air in the room.

2. Use an Adhesive Suitable for the Technique and Speed

Recently, I launched 4 winter adhesives for lash extensions, created for every need from beginner to advanced, and of course, from low to high humidity.

Now, you're probably wondering which one to choose. Let's look at some specifications of the Winter adhesives:

Winter Beginner Adhesive: has a 2-second drying time and I recommend it if you are a beginner. Usually, new lash stylists appreciate a slower adhesive. You can use it for any volume you do, and if you want to speed up the drying, I recommend the Super Bonder from iBeauty.
Winter Standard Adhesive: has a 1-second drying time and you can use it when humidity is just below 55% and you work with 3D or pre-made lashes. Again, if you want to increase work speed use Super Bonder from iBeauty.
Winter Pro Adhesive: has a 0.5-second drying time and is for those with around 40-45% humidity and those who do larger volume (from 3D to 6D). If you want to accelerate the drying speed, use Super Bonder on the false lashes with an acceleration of drying by 1, 2, or 3 seconds. Depending on what you need...you can put Super Bonder every half an hour or once an hour. Just when you feel that the adhesive is not sticking as quickly.
Winter Express Adhesive: has a 0.3-second drying time and is for those with humidity below 40% or who work with large volume, which they make themselves (6, 9, 12D) directly from the strip or in hand. Only professional technicians who work quickly can use Super Bonder, as they realize the working conditions and what they actually need.

If you want to try other winter adhesives, although these would be the most suitable for this season, I also have other adhesive recommendations for you:

For very large volume (minimum 5 fibers in tweezers), I recommend during winter the Hyper Bond Adhesive from iBeauty. This is recommended when the radiators are already on. This adhesive has a 0.5-second drying time, but in case of low humidity, drying occurs in about 1 second. If humidity is very low (< 40%), I recommend accelerating the setting. This is achieved by hydrating the false lash extensions with Primer or Super Bonder. Don't forget about hydrating natural lashes, which you can successfully do by applying saline serum.

For 1-3 D I recommend an adhesive with a slower drying: Ultra Super Adhesive from iBeauty or R88 adhesive, which has an 8-week resistance, are perfect in the cold season. The lower the humidity, the slower the adhesive dries.

For beginners I recommend the Ultra Bonding Adhesive from iBeauty, which has a 3 sec drying time. Beginners should not use adhesives with a drying time of 0.5 - 1 sec.

In conclusion:

Change the adhesive for lash extensions according to working conditions, season, humidity, and speed.
In winter, humidity decreases and the adhesive's drying is slower.
Use a hygrometer to measure temperature and humidity in your workspace. Read the specifications of each adhesive carefully and choose what suits you best.
Increase humidity through humidifiers, a wet towel on the radiator, and ventilating the space as often as possible.
I hope my tips will be useful to you. Good luck!

Leave us a comment on what kind of adhesive you use in winter! We're very curious!

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