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The difference between bonders and their importance

The difference between bonders and their importance

Did you know that you can increase the drying speed of your glue by applying Super Bonder to your false lashes before application?

At Pink Lashes you can find 3 types of bonder: a weak one, a medium one and a strong one.

1. Ibeauty Super Bonder

2. Ibeauty Super Bonder V2 

3. Coco Bonder 

With iBeauty Super Bonder grow  speed of any eyelash glue by 1 second, with iBeauty Super Bonder V2  increases speed by 2 seconds, and with Coco Bonder which is the strongest, you can increase speed your glue by about 3 seconds.


When you need Super Bonder?

• When your glue dries too slowly, you don't necessarily need to change it, you can increase its drying speed.

• When you have humidity around 40%, then the glue dries more difficult.


How often do I put bonder on false eyelashes?

• Every time you feel that the glue is not drying as fast as you want, then it's time to put more.



Which bonder should I buy?

• The best bonder is one that does not bleach the glue. For the ones we recommend, tests have shown that none of them bleach (we also had bonders that bleached the adhesive, but we took them off the market)

• If you have no experience in using a bonder, we recommend the weakest one, that is, Ibeauty Super Bonder because it is a product that cannot spoil your work and strength. If it seems slower, you can apply the bonder more often.

• If you have experience, i.e. apply lashes to about 50 clients per month, without any problem, you can use medium Super Bonder, i.e. Ibeauty Super Bonder V2

• If you are very advanced and understand glue very well, you know all its claims in summer and winter then we recommend Coco Bonder.

Why the fastest Bonder (speed up to 3 sec) Coco Bonder maybe not the best choice?

• If you are not as fast as the Coco Super Bonder, the final effect will be the strength of the eyelashes for a maximum of one week. If your glue has a standard 1 second dry time and you speed it up to 3 second dry time, then the dry time will be immediate. Finally, the false eyelashes stick to the natural eyelashes, but the glue is no longer good and the adhesion is minimal.



How do I use it?


1. On false eyelashes: Apply the bonder with the help of a micro brush to the eyelash extensions on the strip, then dry with the fan and you can start applying normally.

2. On the natural eyelashes after application: applied with the help of a pipette, at the end of the procedure, in the attachment area, it completes this bonding, gluing process, thus sealing your work and reducing the risk of allergies by 90% because the glue no longer emits vapors (hardens)

Adhesive fumes are the main eye irritant. Super bonder is a solution that encapsulates these toxic vapors and fixes the adhesive much better. As a result, the irritations disappear and the retention of the adhesive is prolonged by 30%, because the client with allergies will no longer have sensations of itchy eyes or excessive tearing.

Depending on the season and the temperature and humidity conditions, we can use this Bonder as follows:

Summer increases the possibility of allergies and we recommend applying the bonder 3 minutes after applying the lashes, at their base.

In winter, again, we need bonder to increase the speed of the adhesive. Because of the radiators, the humidity drops, even down to 30%, which means half of what any adhesive needs. For this kind of humidity, we use a one-second adhesive or faster, any adhesive slows down its drying time. You have two options: change the glue with a faster one or increase the drying speed of the one you already have, with the help of a Super Bonder.



What is the difference between bonder and accelerator?

• It depends on the company, at Pink Lashes Orzelowska the difference between Accelerator and Super Bonder is that the accelerator is much weaker than Super Bonder and is only good for natural lashes.

• Super Bonder if weak, can also be used on natural lashes. If it is strong, such as Ibeauty V2 or Coco Bonder, it cannot be used on natural lashes because its task, among others, is to dehydrate the material. We don't want to over-dehydrate the clients' natural lashes.


Can the Super Bonder be replaced with another product?

• Yes, you can put primer on false lashes as well as natural lashes. Primer is a very thin product that helps speed up the drying time on false lashes. But it won't have the same effect, plus not every Primer from every company works. The one from iBeauty and Coco Primer works. We do not want to comment on other companies.

Can the accelerator be replaced with another product?

• Yes, with physiological serum that hydrates the natural lashes and at the same time slightly increases the speed of the glue. Physiological serum is placed on the natural lashes before application. It is not a great help, but it is practiced in the market. Some clients have demanding eyelashes and we recommend you to use products dedicated to this area, i.e. Primer, Bonder, Accelerator.
If you still have time, you can watch the following video on our YouTube channel, where we test the 3 Bonders:

Additional information about Coco Bonder

Choose Coco Bonder and surprise your clients with an extra Spa session together with eyelash application! We guarantee you will love it! Thanks to the very pleasant smell, your clients will enter a state of complete relaxation during the appointment.

This Bonder was chosen by our expert, Monika Orzelowska, from dozens of samples, out of the desire to bring a high quality product to the market. It's the best Bonder on the market right now.


Why choose it?

• Because it does not bleach the adhesive AT ALL

• Because the eyelash glue dries very quickly
• Reduces the risk of allergies by 90%!
• It has an extremely pleasant smell, hence the name "Coco"
• Made in Singapore

For the best effect, we recommend that you use Coco Bonder with a product from the same Coco Primer range, because used together, they will give the eyelash extensions much more resistance.

Coco Primer prepares the natural eyelash to receive the glue, keeps the eyelashes hydrated and thus the glue adheres much better.

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